What is life? Written by Square of Infinity

Life is the most beautiful moment if you know how to live it. When I was a young girl most probably not even enrolled in primary school. Back in the year 1999, our next-door uncle got one television set. I was a very little girl and watching Television made me think more and my imagination

Life is the most beautiful moment if you know how to live it.
When I was a young girl most probably not even enrolled in primary school.
Back in the year 1999, our next-door uncle got one television set.
I was a very little girl and watching Television made me think more and my imagination just explode.
I don’t really remember what I watched back then, I mean which movie but yeah one day I really felt sad for I saw a hero dying in the end.
I was in tears and my friends too.
My auntie told us “It's just acting he is not dead in  real.”

As most of us were kids and we were innocent enough to believe that the hero really died in the end even after being such a good person. And I thought I will never gonna see him again.
And to my surprise after a few days, I watch yet another movie and in it the same hero who died a few days back was alive, dancing and singing.
I was confused.
I asked my auntie “auntie last time he died and today he just came back to life and yet dancing.”
She laughed out loud and said, “I told you it was just acting.”
Actually to her answer I was not so satisfied.
And yet with each month and year passing by I watched more new movies of new hero and heroine.

Most of the antagonist died which made me happy and I really thought in real life too they are mean and cruel who deserves to die.
I was enrolled in my primary class and I got to learn new things every day.
And one fine day. While I was alone. I went outside and just spin myself looking up in the bright afternoon sky.
The sun was bright to make me feel dizzy but I tried not to lose my balance and spin till I fell on the ground with a bang.
Fortunately, I landed on my butt rather than my head.
My head was spinning and I saw the house and trees around spinning.
I looked up in the sky and thought about “what is life?”
“Like in the movie can I be born again with this same face, same parents, what will happen when I die? Will my body just remain or will it just vanish?
So much thoughts and imagination crossed my mind.

About life and death.
I was just a per primary school girl who hardly knew how to construct a full sentence. But my imagination never stopped.
I thought like when I am watching a movie, enjoying it and loving it. Could there be someone above me who is watching my every move?
With each year I grow old. I never got an answer to my question. Until one day I did. It was a surprise for me too when I said that.
I was in my tenth grade when my teacher asked a question to the entire class, he gave only 3 minutes of time to think. He asked us what will you give happiness?
As I was sitting on my first desk in the right-hand side corner and my teacher started his answer session from the last row and I was the last one to answer.
Most of my mates told they will find it if they get qualified from class ten and get enrolled in this same school. Other said when they get a dream job, others said when they will earn more money. I was there listening to their answer. And finally, I stood up and answer this “I am happy now for I have this life, happiness comes from within not only because of the worldly possessions. One day I will earn it all, I will get my job but if I don’t have this life than where is happiness and I am satisfied with my life. People will never get satisfied with worldly things never and if we are searching for happiness in these things we might never be happy.”
I ended and there was a big smile on my teacher's face.

“Rita can you write it down and give me what you said.” He said
I was surprised but I smiled back and nodded.
And next year in class eleven that same teacher teased me in front of all saying “I have taught your class for 3 years and I have never seen Rita angry or sad, she has always got that smile on. And can you tell me your secret?” He smiled.
“Yeah true sir, she never shows her anger side.” Shouted my friend from behind.
I laughed out “no sir it just that I got this life to be happy, and if with my smile someone smiles  back and feel good than I feel good too.”
And years passed and I have gone through a lot of changes.
I got married, I job a good job, I started earning. I became a mother.
I had many hard times in life. I felt like there has been never so hard time in my life than this. I felt like giving up on everything. But the more I felt like giving up I thought let me live for one more day, the hard time will pass and a new day will open its arms to embrace me again, with new hope.
Life taught me that hope is the most important and beautiful thing everyone should have.
Life taught me to fight back, it’s ok even if I fall down, I can get up and build up my strength again.
Life taught me to be confident even if everyone says that it is wrong if you feel that it is right somehow, just hold it and be confident.
You don’t need to be in that same group.
Life taught me to think different, think wisely.

If you enjoy life. It is very long enough for you to achieve anything you always want.
But if you just feel that life is meaningless, just imagine how many people are having a hard time.
How many people might be in the process of giving up life?
How many in their last moments.
How many sick.
How many didn’t got wishes from their parents on their birthday?
Everyone is going through something or the other.
This is life.
We are never ever satisfied with anything.
So be happy with what you have.
Be happy with what you earn.
If you want to earn more, work hard.
Just try don’t try to push yourself from your limits.
And just know that Someone powerful is watching our everyday moves.
We don’t know like movie wether we will get back life or not but I bet that even if you get back life.

You will never be very fortunate like you are now.
You won’t be born from your same parents.
You won’t get the same sibling.
You won’t get the same friends.
Same partner.
Same country.
And mostly you are not really so sure whether you will even get back to live a life.
So every day is important.
Everything around you is a blessing.
This is life.
Be a blessing to one another.

Bigram Lygai Gurung

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